Thermal Physical Analysis

The thermophysical division of ITL provides extensive services on the evaluation of thermal physical properties of materials that are based on the experience of ITL scientists in experimental and theoretical investigations of thermophysical properties. The head of the division is Dr. Efim Litovsky, Ph.D, Dr of Sc. whose over 50 years involvement in this field with over 200 scientific publications, books, test standards, standard reference data and patents was commemorated by highest thermophysical awards.

Measurements are conducted according to ASTM and ISO Standards and/or custom designed methods. A number of measurement methods are unique and offered only by ITL.

Key words: thermal conductivity, R-value, thermal diffusivity, specific heat, spectral and total thermal emissivity, Figures 1-5

Testing ranges: temperature -150 °C – +1800 °C; thermal conductivity 0.01 W/m/K -20 W/m/K

Materials: porous insulation, refractories, powders, plastics, liquids, etc.

Samples dimensions: plates in a range of thickness from 1 mm to 50 mm

Test methods: ASTM Standards and original methods

Our tests are very competitively priced. For example, the prices for measurement of temperature dependence curve up to 1200°C, with any decrement can be as low as $500-$1000.

We design, build and supply systems for testing of thermal conductivity, diffusivity, and specific heat according to ASTM E 2584-20 in requested range of parameters and sample sizes.

Integrated system for testing thermal conductivity

Integrated system for testing thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat up to 1,800 °C.

Thermal Physical Analysis (additional examples)


Figure 1 Thermal conductivity of magnesite powder during four heatings


Figure 2 Polyurethane thermal diffusivity and conductivity at cryogenic temperatures


Figure 3 Thermal conductivity for Decan as measured at ITL and the Reference data


Figure 4  Comparison of the thermal diffusivity of magnesia-spinal refractory measured by the Monotonous Heating (Test 1-Test 3 at ITL Inc.) and Hot Wire methods (FGFF-DIFK, Germany)


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