Degradation of Paint in the Space Environment

Case Studies

Degradation of Polymer-based Paint in the Space Environment


The client experienced degradation and erosion of the polymer-based paint that coated their products in the space environment.


ITL developed a technology that can prolong the durability of paint in the space environment without affecting the thermal-optical properties of the paint. A surface modification process was selected over a coating process, because it produces a uniformly graded layer, without an abrupt transition boundary. Graded layers resist cracking and spalling caused by thermal stress, physical stress and corrosion. A research and development project was conducted to develop the Photosil™ process.


The Photosil™ process developed by ITL Inc. can modify the material at a molecular level, which leaves it highly resistant to atomic oxygen erosion of polymer materials. The polymer’s functional properties are maintained after the Photosil process is applied.

Benefits to Customer:

The client gains the benefit of prolonged durability of their product in the space environment, without any change in the thermal optical properties and other performance requirements of the material.



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