MDA designed an built the robotics used to assembly and maintain the International Space Station.  During the design phase, we needed to use certain materials due to their properties, but we knew they wouldn’t stand up to the Atomic Oxygen attack in Low Earth Orbit.  ITL was able to create a surface treating process (PhotoSilTM) which would protect the materials from attack without changing any of the other properties.  We have used (and continue to use) this process on retention lanyards and painted surfaces.  ITL also developed a surface texturing process on a mirror-like thermal radiator film that might have caused problems with intense light reflections when viewed by cameras during robotic operations. Here again, although the film was modified for this application, the thermal properties were unchanged.  Without ITL we would have been forced to use much more expensive solutions to these design problems.  ITL is a great partner for us as we design, build, and maintain mechanisms for use in space.

Materials EngineeringMDA

Our highly successful collaboration with ITL Inc. spans over 20 years since 2001. It resulted in joint complex research and development (R&D) of new thermal control materials and antistatic coatings with resistance to multiple space environmental factors, including the main factors of LEO and GEO space environments. As a result, indispensable results in resistance of thermal control materials towards atomic oxygen and space radiation have been achieved.

Research results and discoveries were presented at multiple international conferences and published in reputable international scientific journals.

Our organization looks forward to continuing our successful collaboration

Respectfully yours,

Department HeadNPO Kompozit

ITL Staff are very professional and highly knowledgeable in their field.  Whether it is for testing services or for joint research and development, they were always respond in a timely manner and are valuable partners.  Their dedication, involvement and responsiveness to resolve issues go far beyond what would be expected from a typical subcontractor.

Specialist thermal engineerMDA Satellite Systems

We appreciate ITL’s response to our needs, fast pick-up and delivery of the tested items, good communication with ITL personnel, loyal and trustworthy service we receive from ITL. Thank you.

Technical ManagerGlobal Upholstery Co. Inc.

Very helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to come here to get our business.

Material and Process EngineerHoneywell

I normally need one or two types of analysis for my work. ITL is fast and reliable. Whenever I have a question or issue with samples, Dr. Kleiman always responds quickly and professionally. I appreciate his help.

Senior ChemistWoodbridge Foam Corp.

Friendly attention… Meets deadlines and delivery dates.

Mechanical Design EngineerMDS Sciex

Highly professional service.

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