High Temperature Thermal Physical Measurement Instruments

The Analytical Division of Integrity Testing Laboratory offers a wide range of services related to metal, alloy, ceramic, mineral, glass, plastic, polymer, adhesive, rubber, and related products.  We are well aware of the problems typical to your specific industry, and furthermore – we solve them.

 Who can benefit from our services?

If you face manufacturing problems, experience difficulties on the production line, would like to know the exact composition of unknown or failed material, are not sure about the quality of purchased raw material or are in need of service or a consultation in related areas – then ITL can help you.

Advantages of ITL instruments:
  • The measurement of both apparent and the true (conductive) components of thermal conductivity/diffusivity can be carried out.
  • Optical properties required for thermophysical measurements and RCHT calculations are measured.
  • Unique temperature range for rough disperse refractory and insulation materials: -100 up to1800 °C that allows for high temperature measurements for rough disperse anisotropic materials.
  • Possibility of measurements of apparent properties during physical and chemical transformation in materials: sintering, drying, phase changes, chemical reactions, sublimation, etc.
  • Measurement time of thermal diffusivity is 5-10 times shorter than for steady state and transient hot wire methods.

Thermal Conductivity System (TCS)
Thermal Diffusivity System (TDS)



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