Vector Network Analyzer System

List of measurements which can be conducted with HP 8510C vector network analyzer:

Reflection measurements

  • Return loss
  • Reflection coefficient magnitude
  • SWR
  • S-parameters
  • Impedance

Transmission measurements

  • Insertion loss and gain
  • 3dB bandwidth
  • Out of band rejection
  • Passband flattens
  • Insertion phase
  • Electrical length
  • Phase distortion

Time domain measurements

  • Reflection measurements
  • Transmission measurements

Vector network analyzer setup for X-band measurements

System components include:

HP 8510C network analyzer

HP 8341B synthesizer is a swept, synthesized source with1-Hz frequency resolution, and wide dynamic range. The arbitrary frequency sweep mode can be programmed for exact frequencies or sweep segments at which your device is to be tested, giving faster measurements while maintaining full error-corrected performance.

HP 8515A S-parameter test set (45MHz-20GHz)

S11-S22 Reflection coefficient, S12-S21
Transmission coefficient diagrams for X-band waveguide

Enlarged S21 Transmission coefficient
diagrams for X-band waveguide and
HP 8341B with 1-Hz frequency resolution

Zooming capabilities of HP 8510C
vector network analyzer and
HP 8341B with 1-Hz frequency resolution



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