Testing Capabilities

Real Time X-Ray Inspection and Imaging Analysis

Nondestructive Test:
  • Solder Void
  • Short / Open Circuits
  • Missing Solder Balls
  • Interconnection Bump
  • Wirebond Breakage
  • Die attach Void
  • Solder Joint Quality
  • Drill Offset

Real Time X-Ray can provide internal inspection of a sample while moving and rotating the sample. The internal construction of the sample can be examined to determine if there are hidden defects or internal irregularities. ITL’s X-Ray Systems offer the microelectronic, semiconductor, aerospace, and automotive industries the capability for internal inspection of the small devices, packages, and components at the high magnification and resolution.

This non-destructive technique offers immediate and thorough analysis of structures of varying densities. Applications include failure analysis of printed circuit boards, packages (ceramic, metal, plastic), ball grid arrays, and other electronic and automotive components.

Nicolet NXR-1400 X-ray Inspection System: 120 kV x-ray source – 10 µm focal spot, side window x-ray tube, and capable of 65x magnification.

The Hewlett-Packard Faxitron 43855A cabinet x-ray system: 10 to 110 kV x-ray source.



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