Testing Capabilities

Tensile, Compression, and Flexural Testing

ASTM D 638 / ASTM D 882 / ASTM D 695 / ASTM D 790 / ISO 527 / ISO 178
IPC-TM-650 (2.4.18 / / 2.4.19)

Our advanced universal testing system is ideal for determining behavior of materials under tension or compression testing applications up to 5 kN.  In addition, it is capable of performing three-point bend, four-point bend, flexural, peel, and adhesion tests.  Suitable for complex testing applications and testing high elongation materials, the system features a single column with a crosshead travel range of 735 mm.

Data from tests are used to determine elastic limit, percent elongation, modulus of elasticity (Young’s Modulus), tensile strength, compressive strength, yield point, yield strength, break point, break strength, flexural strength, and other tensile/compression/flexure properties.



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