Testing Capabilities

Contact Angle Measurement

ASTM D 724 / ASTM D 5725 / ASTM D 5946 / ASTM C 813

Our advanced Contact Angle Measuring Instrument coupled with the Drop Shape Analysis software can provide our clients with the following possibilities:

  • Determination of contact angles of single drops of test liquids on a solid surface (tangent, height-width, and YOUNG-LAPLACE (sessile drop fitting) methods)
  • Measurement of advancing and receding contact angles by volume control of sample drop
  • Determination of surface free energy of solid samples by means of various methods (FOWKES, OWENS/WENDT/RABEL/KAELBLE, SCHULTZ, WU, ZISMAN, and acid -base methods) mentioned in the literature
  • Determination of surface and interfacial tension of liquids with the drop shape analysis (pendant drop method)

Practical Applications
  • Surface cleanliness determination
  • Cleaning methods evaluation
  • Wettability – Wetting behaviour study
  • Adhesion study
  • Printability evaluation
  • Surface treatment and coatings evaluation



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