Thermal Physical Analysis

Thermophysical properties (TPP) determine the discharge of fuel, electricity and materials temperature distributions. They govern the design of high temperature aggregates, predicting their thermal regimes, effect on weight of air and space apparatus, reliability of different high temperature units, and thermal stresses.

Integrity Testing Laboratory Inc. provides extensive services on the evaluation of thermal physical properties of materials. Measurements are conducted according to ASTM and ISO Standards and/or custom designed methods. A number of measurement methods are unique and offered only by ITL.

The TPP Division is managed by Dr. Efim Litovsky. He gained his reputation of a world renowned scientist through many years of R&D with over 150 scientific publications in the field of experimental and theoretical investigations of thermal physical properties  He has authored or co-authored a number of national and international measurement standards, inventions, standard reference data and reference books. He has discovered and investigated new heat transfer mechanisms and developed original high temperature methods of measurement of thermophysical properties.


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