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Stress Engineering

PreStress Engineering Division (PreStressED)

Equipment UltraPeen for Ultrasonic Peening of Parts & Welded Elements

Equipment UltraPeen for Ultrasonic Peeing of Parts & Welded Elements

Ultrasonic Transducer & Generator
Laptop/Software UltraPeen (Optional)

  • Piezoelectric transducer:
    weight- 3 kg
    length - 420 mm
  • Ultrasonic generator
    weight - 3.2 kg
    dimensions - 350x250x90 mm
  • Output frequency ~ 22 kHz
Software for Remote Control & UP Optimum Application
  • Optimization of the UP application parameters (a maximum possible increase in fatigue life of structural elements with minimum labor- and power-consumption)
  • Quality monitoring of UP process
  • Fatigue assessment of welded elements after UP, depending on mechanical characteristics of used materials, type and geometrical parameters of welded element, parameters of cyclic loading

The UP system (total weight - 6.2 kg) includes:

1. The hand tool which is based on using of the piezoelectric transducer. Weight of the tool is 3 kg and it is easy to use. A number of types of working heads was designed for different industrial application.

2. Ultrasonic generator. Weight of the generator is - 3.2 kg with power consumption of only 400 watts. Output frequency - 22 kHz.

3. Laptop with software package for Remote Control and Optimum Application of Ultrasonic Peening - maximum possible increase in fatigue life of welded elements with minimum cost, labour and power consumption. The software was developed based on original predictive model.

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