1. New XRF spectrometer -compliant with RoHS/WEEE Directives

2. International Space Conference ICPMSE-12, Biarritz, France, 1-5 October, 2018


Electronic Materials and Components

ITL Electronic Materials and Components service has been an integral part of our business. Our engineers, chemists, metallurgists & technicians have the qualifications, the education and the experience to provide a wide range of testing and evaluation services for the electronics industry.

Electronic Materials and Components
Our Services include
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Contaminant Identification
  • Corrosion Studies
  • Cross Section Analysis
  • Failure Analysis
  • Microsectioning
  • Residue Identification
  • RoHS Testing
  • X-ray Imaging

Circuit Boards
  • Black Pad Formation
  • Degree of Cure
  • Dendritic Growth Determination
  • Glass Transition
  • Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient
  • Thermal Stability
  • Time to Delamination
  • Whisker Formation Determination

Burned Unit
X-Ray Imaging Sample

White Residue Board
Enviromental Test
  • Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) Test
  • Temperature and Humidity Test
  • Thermal Cycling
  • Thermal Shock



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